Welcome to Chicken Tea!!!
Welcome to Chicken Tea!  We're glad you came to visit and learn more about our product.
Chicken Tea is an all natural, organic alternative to big name, big pharma/petro concoctions of fertilizer for your garden needs. With the active ingredient being dry chicken poop, the old adage of "a little goes a long way" is definitely true here! One large teabag of Chicken Tea, steeped overnight in 3-5 gallons of water is plenty for feeding the average size garden, flower beds, herb garden, etc. After brewing the "tea" you'll want to dilute it further before use. We suggest about a 1 part tea to 4 parts water dilution, or simply put, a quart per gallon. Lightly water what you plan to fertilize, apply the diluted Chicken Tea with a watering can, then lightly water again. You'll notice results in anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. The plants, blooms, everything will take off and if you're food gardening, you'll notice veggies and fruits will be heavier bearing and often larger sized after a couple of earlier applications. Here's a 2 lb carrot grown with Chicken Tea, and yes it was good eating!
Our Chicken Tea is all natural and from chickens that are not raised in commercial operations or caged in small cages for egg laying. This manure is weather dried, ground by hand and mixed with worm castings and other natural ingredients for a great blend that is very good for all of your plants. For just $10.00, with free shipping, you get 6 large tea bags full of Chicken Tea. This is enough to feed the average gardens, flower beds and herb beds for the entire growing season, feeding them every 3 weeks or so.